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Solar Pesticide Sprayer


Sprayers are mechanical gadgets that are particularly intended to shower pesticide rapidly and effectively for protecting crops from pests. The GREEN’s solar powered pesticide sprayer has been designed such that potential energy of the pesticides stored in the tank and additional spring force which generates required velocity during spraying ensures to remove pests and produces better yield. The components are solar panel, pump, dc motor, battery, pesticide tank, level sensor and buzzer for low level pesticide alert. The solar panel collects radiation from the solar and this energy is stored in the battery, the dc pump has been below the pesticide tank mounted and uses the battery to run the dc pump. The system is encompassed with a level sensor which is used to measure the pesticide level and the buzzer ensures a warning due to low levels of pesticide in the pesticide tank. It is an ergonomic equipment with zero noise and pollution


  • Solar Panel

  • Tank Capacity

    16 litres
  • Maximum Pressure

    0.45 Mpa
  • Battery Capacity

    12 V, 8Ah
  • Type

    Centrifugal Pump
  • Liquid Discharge

    2.9 litres/min
  • Speed

    3600 rpm


  • Zero fuel operated equipment

  • Ensure Farmers skin protection from pesticides

  • Solves a fast battery drainage problem in the existing system of a pesticide sprayer

  • Increase the efficiency of spraying