Envisages unprecedented increase in tele-density for better Telecommunication Coverage

Mobile telecom networks are constantly expanding around the world, telecom sectors are struggling with unstable and costly capacity. Diesel as a primary power source for base stations, or as a backup for an unreliable power source, is becoming increasingly difficult to justify, both economically and environmentally.

Powering Telecom with Renewable Energy to deliver reliable power to remote telecom infrastructure such as BTS (Base Transceiver Station) equipment, repeater stations, towers, and so on, and thus reducing high electricity bills, economically viable option in remote locations that are either off-grid or have an unreliable grid or are combating high diesel consumption, more efficient network with better power quality and dependability. It saves conversion losses by directly using DC power generated by solar panels for DC loads. Reduces the DG's running time and fuel usage and reduction in carbon emissions while simultaneously providing a high return on investment.


Reinvigorate your Telecom Facilities with Powering Telecom Program

Remote Monitoring & Theft Management

Enhances Security/Protection based Solutions for better management of the system

100% Power Backup & Hybrid System

Ensure reliable power through Hybrid power systems. It provides backup power as well as temporary primary power in a hybrid system.

Mitigate CO2 Emission

Reduce Carbon footprint by more than 10 Tons a year per site. Contribute to Greenhouse gases emissions reduction

Less Maintenance

Huge reduction in operational costs with less maintenance, reliable energy access with zero pollution