Empowering Rural Communities & Transforming Lives Towards Sustainable and Smart Communities

Around 1.2 billion people live in darkness, with hundreds of millions more having insufficient or unstable access. Unreliable electricity, extended outages, and variations affect a large proportion of rural communities which leads to a greater reliance on traditional resources, negative impact on health, environmental consequences, insufficient healthcare, poor literacy rates and low productivity etc. Rural electrification is a critical enabler for socioeconomic growth in both developing and emerging countries.

GREEN’s Powering Rural Communities with the adoption of renewable energies enhances individual quality of life, enables community services like health and education more accessible and allows businesses to conduct professional activities in productive way. All of these advantages can be achieved without having unforeseen negative repercussions for ecological systems or the global climate.

Enliven your Rural Communities with Powering Rural Communities Program

Improve Healthcare Services

Solution Deliveries for a sustainable healthcare service delivery

Enhance Education/Learning Facilities

Energy and Technology Augmentation for Education Excellence

Empower Agricultural Activities

Energy and Technology based Solution deliveries for Irrigation, Storage and Post Harvesting Processes

Equip Governmental Offices

Solutions bestowed for better government service deliveries

Support Faith-Based Organizations/Churches

Provisioning of energy and water based solutions to support churches

Enlighten Rural Communities

Solar security lighting deliveries for a safer and secured community during nightfall period