Augmenting Education Value and Human Capital Development with Renewable Energy Solution

Powering Education strives to provide renewable energy solutions and digital provisioning that empowers and enhances the younger generation for a sustainable future in education institutions. The Sustainable Education System with renewable energy endows powering teaching facilities, libraries, offices and administration, boarding students and teachers accommodation facilities, students hygiene and washrooms, agriculture and livestock's facilities for rural schools, provisioning of digital infrastructure, students study kits and security lighting that complies with standards and requirements.

Rejuvenate your Education Institutions with Powering Education Program

Lighting and extended studying hours

Enables longer studying or classroom hours at schools at all levels. It will also facilitate both improved quantity and quality of studying

Facilitation of Digital

Digitally enabled systems will improve student achievement, improve students’ ability to learn and promote their lifelong learning and prepare them for a globally competitive workforce.

Enhanced staff retention and teacher training

Augments their learning experience, staff retention and leads to better teacher training. It will also improve their capabilities and enrich skill development.

Better school performance

Ensure outstanding school performance with less truancy and absenteeism, higher enrollment rates, higher graduation and completion rates, and the achievement of higher test scores.