Enlightening the Corporate Facilities with Captive Power Plant

Renewable Energy for corporate facilities is the key for Sustainable Development. Powering Corporates initiative aims to empower and improve corporate facilities by enabling proven, reliable, and sustainable power solutions for operational excellence, healthy economic returns, and improved service delivery. The adoption of solutions ensures energy efficiency without compromising the standard customer services. Energy efficiency saves energy costs, decreases emissions and enhances the government’s service delivery capability and improves the productivity of the staff. Empowers Rural corporate facilities to achieve sustainability at low cost for operations and preserve the quality of the environment.


Invigorate your Corporates Facilities with Powering Corporates Program

Promote Operational Excellence

Ensures an effective business operation & productivity

Improve Corporates Infrastructure Facilities

Enable digitalization for better service delivery.

Augments Economic growth

Enrich business continuity with increase in ROI

Less Maintenance and Zero Pollution

Reduce toxic pollution or global warming emissions