Renewable Energy Augmentation for Sustainable Agriculture and Value Yield

Agriculture is civilization's cornerstone and society's pillar. Agriculture is an important part of our daily lives since it provides us with food. As the world's population grows and climate change factors influence food availability the agriculture sector is under immense strain. Approximately 8.9% of the population, or 690 million people, go to bed without meals. By 2030, it is expected that the number would have surpassed 850 million. However, external or import dependency for food crops is growing, making agricultural output and exports much too minuscule for commercialization. The country's agricultural output is hampered by a lack of energy. Energy is a critical need for the Agriculture sector.

Powering Agriculture Program is envisioned to deliver renewable energy solutions to enhance agriculture production and post harvesting processes with solar powered agriculture technological equipment and systems.

Enhance your Agriculture production & Post Harvesting process with Powering Agriculture Program

Quality Agriculture yield

Sustainable Agriculture improves productivity and transforms the livelihoods of hundreds and millions of people globally.

Encourage diversifications of production & Income

Increase the diversity of productive activities during different periods and enhance revenue capabilities

Benefits of Agriculture

Prevention of malnutrition, contamination related diseases and ensures a greater potential towards healthy living.

Address & Adapt to Climate Change

Builds resilience to climate changes and significantly contributes to sustainable development.