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Solar Tunnel Cocoa Dryer


The GREEN Solar Tunnel Cocoa Dryer is an efficient drying mechanism for drying the bulk of cocoa beans at a moderate air temperature with a capacity of 1 - 1.5 tonnes of cocoa beans. It consists of a Greenhouse structure with hot galvanized frameworks, surrounded by polycarbonate for all sides with anti-uv and anti-condensation with transmittance ≥ 85%. Trolley size 1860 1500 800 mm, trolleys endowed with trays, 30 W solar dc fan, doors . The Solar Cocoa Dryer solution can help to tackle post-harvest loss and enhance the resilience against climate change to boost up the economy among farming communities.


  • Greenhouse Equipment

    Steel structure, Polycarbonate sheet cover
  • Greenhouse structure standards

    GB 50017 - 2003, GB/T13912-2002
  • Solar DC Fan

    24V DC Axial fan
  • PC Sheet

    Hot Galvanized Frameworks, Zinc Coated anti-rust, Double-layer
  • Material

    SS 304 Food Grade
  • Trolley

    Size 700*650*25


  • Improves Cocoa Quality

  • Significant reduction of drying time

  • Retention of 80-95% of Nutrients Value

  • Protection from Contamination

  • Zero labour cost

  • Better Hygienic Practices