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Solar Peanut Breaker


GREEN's Solar Peanut Breaker has been specially designed for removing shells and obtaining perfect kernels, a peanut sheller machine which is powered by solar energy which is used to remove hard shells of the peanut. The shelling chamber is composed of stainless steel, and the entire peanut shell separator machine chassis is built of high-quality steel. It consists of a hopper, crushing chamber, blower unit and the frame for the support, easy to operate and the system will separate the shells and kernels with high efficiency and almost without damage to the kernel and the shelling rate can be greater than 95%, the broken rate is less than 5%. The method of easily removing the outer-thin skin of peanuts and separating it into two halves, thereby improving the taste of the peanut and increasing the income of rural farmers.


  • Solar Panel

    2.5 KW with battery
  • Grade

    SS 304
  • Input Capacity

    20 - 25 kg
  • Production Capacity

  • Breaking Rate

    < 5%
  • Cleaning Rate

    ≥ 99%


  • Hygienic shelling process

  • Labor and energy saving

  • Low half-grain rate with better quality

  • Portable wheels and are easy to move.

  • Shells and kernels with high-efficiency and almost without damage to the kernel

  • High integral rate, original nutrition is preserved