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Solar Insect Trap


GREEN's Solar Insect Trapper has been designed to control nocturnal insects in agriculture and allied crops. It’s a physical pest control and management device which uses UV lights to lure a wide range of insects that are harmful to crops. The solar powered insect trapper turned on every night automatically to attract insects and turned off early in the morning to charge, it’s a fully automatic system that does not require human interaction on a daily basis to operate trapper which saves manpower required in conventional pest management techniques and enables pollination to improve productivity, and creates a healthy environment.


  • Solar Panel

  • Battery

    Lithium Battery 11.1V 2.6Ah
  • Material

  • Trap Type

  • Pests

    all kind of insects around 1000 varieties
  • UV LED Lamp

    24 Nos - 3.2 V/ 20 ma
  • Activation Time

    Automatically turn on late evening
  • Area Coverage

    0.75 to 1 acres


  • Effective solutions for insect control in crop fields

  • Cutting edge device identifies the Pest and Insects pattern

  • Enable pollination to improve productivity

  • Less chemical impact ensures people healthy and protects the ecosystem

  • Eco friendly Pest and Insects Control device