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Solar Cold Rooms


GREEN’s Cold Storage is a Solar Powered Cold Storage System that accommodates 5-6 metric tonnes of fresh horticulture/agricultural produce. It improves food security by reducing 30% wastage of perishable produce.Coupled with smart temperature controls, humidity, and air quality parameters inside at recommended conditions. Fruits, vegetables, and other perishable foods can be kept fresh for up to 21 days with this method. Ensure maximum efficiency thereby minimizing energy requirements and bringing down the cost of production and ensuring seamless operations. Solar powered cold storage systems will enhance agriculture production and income, reduce waste, improve food security and avoid GHG emissions from fossil fuel-powered alternatives.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Capacity: Small

    2 -3MTMedium : 10MT, Large : 5000MT
  • Solar Panel

    3kW, 15kW, 125kW
  • Temperature Range

    0 to 15 ℃, -4 ℃ to high 20 ℃
  • Application

    Dairy Products, Icecream , Food processing, Horticulture/Floriculture, Fruits Ripening


  • Reducing post harvest loss by 80%

  • Increasing rural farmers income

  • Promote food security

  • Environmental protection

  • Improves nutrients and health