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Solar Coffee Pulping Machine


GREEN’s Solar Coffee Pulping Machine will enrich coffee production and improve the quality of coffee. It’s a portable design with an energy efficient BLDC motor, 100% solar powered direct drive operation, enabling easy adjustment, also robust with rust prevention and there are plumbers block bearings that are fitted to rotate for hand operation mode. The Solar Coffee Pulping machine will increase the coffee production, maintain quality standards and boost the economic growth of rural farmers. It removes the coffee pulp and mucilage at the same time there is no need for fermentation and further process, enhancing the livelihood and economic growth of smallholder coffee farmers with zero pollution and less maintenance


  • Solar Panel

  • Inverter

    1.5 kVa with MPPT controller
  • Net Weight

    120 Kg
  • Gross Weight

    200 Kg
  • Peeling Range

    ≥ 98%
  • Broken Rate

    ≤ 2%
  • Capacity

    350 - 500 Kgs Per Hour
  • Working hours

    6 - 8 hours


  • 100% solar powered direct drive operation

  • Portable design

  • Energy efficient BLDC motor driven

  • Zero pollution and less maintenance

  • Optional hand operation mode