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Solar Coconut/Virgin Oil Extractor


The GREEN’s Solar Coconut/Virgin Oil Extractor, it’s a highly automated and rich in quality production of coconut oil extraction. The coconut oil expeller is encompassed by various quality features and ensures smooth and effective operation. The machine has been tested on various parameters to meet the quality standards and compliance. The Solar powered coconut/virgin oil extractor will make certain for healthy oil extraction, embedded with high quality food grade material. Involves emphatic processing such as cold, hot squeezing with resultant output of pure coconut oil with enrichment in nutrients, vibration free with zero noise etc.

Technical Specifications

  • Solar Panel

    100W with charge Controller
  • Battery

    12V/100Ah battery Backup 3 - 6 hrs
  • Inverter

    1kVa Off grid pure sine wave Inverter with MPPT Controller
  • BLDC Motor

    100 W BLDC Motor
  • Load details

    450 W Heater max 600 W(starting load), 5 Amps plug @ 230V
  • Temperature of oil extracted

  • Output Cake Temperature

  • Food Grade Material



  • Low level noise less than 90db

  • Compact size for modern living

  • Fully automatic control

  • Large cake tray for safety from heat

  • Easy self cleaning

  • Effective temperature controller